Date: 09/10/15

Yuna's Story


Yuna's Story

This is Yuna, my beautiful little Japanese Spitz. Her favourite things to do include: cuddling cats, playing with toilet paper rolls instead of expensive toys and doing zoomies around the farm.

Yuna has a memorable story which happened just the other month & it was one of the times I was very glad she is insured with Petplan!

While out riding my horse (only ~100m from my house!) with my two big dogs and Yuna, a kangaroo pulled her into a creek and started drowning her. I of course jumped in and managed to wrestle her out of his arms with some frantic punches and kicks while also having the awful thought of "and this is how my family is going to find my body..." I got Yuna into my arms and held her head out of the water while I tried to scramble out, but I couldn't get myself out of the water while fully clothed in riding gear with the roo blocking my escape to the sand bank I was unable to get my feet on the bottom and with Yuna in my arms and the roo thrashing around next to me I honestly thought I was going to die. I kept screaming for help, hoping my family on the other side of the valley would hear and come to investigate.

My big amazing fantastic Maremma girl threw herself into the water on top of the roo and growled and snapped at him while I dragged myself out of the water and when I got onto the sand bank (and realised I could not safely move Yuna without help due to blood and gaping wounds) and kept screaming for help she sat in front of Yuna and I in a defensive position and kept the roo away from us Poor little Yuna was carved open, severing her intercostal muscles and just missing her vital organs. She had also inhaled a lot of water.

With the help of family who heard me screaming across our 200 acre farm we were able to get Yuna to the vet on time to save her. A lot of surgery and driving from country vet to emergency city vet to usual vet clinic and it all turned out okay.

Petplan paid out over $1,500*

Yuna has healed up really well and we are very careful about kangaroos now.

*Less any applicable excess and non-claimable items

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