Pet bushfire safety

January 8th, 2018


Are you and your pets ready for bushfires this summer? Bushfires are extremely dangerous and threaten homes and lives of both humans and animals. Having a plan of action in case of an emergency is essential to getting out alive, this means that you???ll need to plan for both you and your pets.

Bushfire plan

Bushfires or grassfires can happen in a matter of seconds and cover ground quickly, giving you very little time to act. With the help of a bushfire plan, you???ll be able to know exactly how to react and what needs to be done in order to save the lives of everyone around you ??? including animals.

Knowing the weather and high fire danger days are important, as this will allow you to be prepared and ready if the worst happens. As soon as you are aware of a bushfire threat, it is important to act as quickly as possible. Get your plan into action straight away and leave once everything is ready. The risk of being caught up in the fire increases the longer you wait.

Always be prepared

Getting your pets organised to leave can be hard if they???re roaming around freely. For this reason, make sure to know exactly where your pets are at all times in case you have to pack up quickly and to save time looking for them everywhere, as each second is precious. Even if you think they???re in a secure area, the sounds of sirens, helicopters or any other unusual activity may cause them some distress and lead them astray.

Making sure your pets all have collars and ID tags is extremely important when there is a risk of a bushfire. As some pets can become distressed, they may even run away and therefore need ID tags to be identified. In saying this, keeping your pet???s information updated is equally as important ??? this relates to ID tags as well as microchips.

Every second is valuable which is why having bedding, food, water, and any other necessary items ready can save a huge amount of time. It might be in your best interest to prepare early (especially if you???re in a high-risk area) by having an evacuation kit ready to go that includes all these items. Along with these necessary items, having a pet first aid kit always in the car will be best in case of any minor injuries to your four-legged friends.

Where to next?

You may have an exit strategy, but where are you exiting too? It???s important to know exactly where you???re going and have a couple of places as options in case the fire is coming from the way you had planned. This place should be able to accommodate you and your pets comfortably ??? family or friends houses are always a good option. If you don???t have any family or friends that will be far enough out of danger, know of some places that are pet-friendly or some kennels and catteries that will be able to house your pets while you stay close by.

Acting quickly and having a plan in place is your best bet at getting out safely with your pets. If you have any other bushfire safety tips, please leave them in the comments below!

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