2016 Petplan Pet Census: Finance

March 30th, 2017

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Pet purchasing and purchases

Pets can be very expensive, however we found out that a vast majority (94%) do still buy/pay for their pets. This of course still includes those who pay for adoption fees from shelters, which on a positive note, equated to 20.9% of places where people purchase their pet from. Breeders were a large market as just over half of respondents (55.4%) said this is where they purchased their four legged friend from, while pet shops are slowly declining with only 8.4% of the answers.

  • Friends and family contributed to 8% of pet purchases
  • Advertisements lead to 5.3%
  • 2% purchased their pet through a veterinary practice
  • 9% said they purchased their pet from ???other???.


Vet fees can come at the worst time with the amounts sky rocketing without you knowing. However, only 6.6% of respondents said that they had to refuse treatment from the vets for their pet due to not being able to afford it. This may be directly linked to the fact that every 4 in 5 owners have Pet Insurance, allowing them not to worry when the unexpected happens and the bills start coming through.

An astonishing amount of respondents (85.1%) said that they had donated to an animal charity of some sort, proving the generosity and caring nature of today???s society.


What is stopping you?

When it comes to our favourite little felines or canines, it seems to be very hard to stop at just one! However, many owners out there tend to have 2, 3 and even more pets. But when do you get to the point that you have enough to keep you company and keep you busy? What is stopping you from getting more? The most common reasons stopping people from getting more pets are:

  • 6 in every 10 responses stated basically that they didn???t ???want another pet???
  • 7% of owners felt the expenses were just too much with another pet
  • Almost 1 in 5 people (19.2%) said that their living arrangements had stopped them from getting another pet
  • There was 13.4% of respondents who believed their work commitments stopped them from another pet
  • A small number of owners (1.6%) stated that their health and allergies were the reason

If money was no issue

As pet owners, we tend to spoil our furry little friends every once in a while. Although many of us would admit, we can get carried away with treats, toys and some unnecessary expenditures.

When it comes to buying things for our pets, at the top of the list was pet accessories with 95.4% of respondents confirming that they have bought items such as leads, kennels, collars, toys and much more. With a similar number, 9 out of 10 owners have paid for pet healthcare professionals for their pets.

  • Birthday presents and Christmas presents for pets were also a popular choice with more than half of respondents (56%) agreeing they have bought them
  • Many owners (38.9%) paid to adapt their house in order to accommodate their pet
  • 2% of people have spent money on kennel or cattery accommodations
  • Almost a quarter of the respondents (23.6%) said they changed their holiday plans for their pet
  • 4% have paid for dog walkers or cat sitters
  • Surprisingly, 9% of people have moved homes to accommodate their pet
  • Only 0.4% of owners have done none of the above



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