7 Signs You’ve Found the Perfect Dog Name

March 9th, 2020

Dog names

Picking the best name for your new pooch is a stressful challenge to take on for new pet owners and experienced ones alike. Unlike human children, you don???t run the risk of them being bullied for their names (as far as we know) by other puppies at the dog park. A whole realm of possibilities is opened up to pet owners when they realize there are no limits when naming their pets, no matter how silly you think the name is!

These are a few tips and tricks to help narrow down the perfect name for your companion.

  1. Physical Attributes
    Some of the most classic names for dogs come from how they look. A dalmatian would get Spots or Domino or a red furred dog might get Rusty. Bi-colored eyes in a husky can be called Duo or Duet. Dogs with big ears could be given the name Radar if the owner feels that strongly about them!
  1. The Family Name
    This is for all the pet owners that prefer to have dogs instead of human babies. Giving your fur baby the family name is sure to get those pesky relatives off your back from bugging you to settle down and have kids.
  1. Personality
    Some puppies are more serious than others and that prompts us to give them a fitting name. Robert, Victoria, William, and Anastasia are noble titles for your more serious and aloof dog. On the flip side, silly dogs are able to take the shortened versions: Robie, Tori, Will, or Ana.
  1. Foods
    From sweet to salty, food is an excellent source of inspiration. Meeting a dog named Potato, Hotdog, Bean, Cupcake, or Quesadilla will spark joy in all those who meet her. It might be a little strange, but who else in the world has a dog named Kimchi?
  1. Famous Dog Characters
    Even our pups have role models to look up to in books, television, and movies. Snoopy from Peanuts, Clifford, the wolf-dog White Fang, Max, Lady, or Tramp. Childhood memories are sure to follow your sweet puppy as they grow.
  1. Quirks
    All of our canine friends have something special about them, whether it be the way they growl in greeting (Howler) or how they like to lay on their back when they sleep (Loaf). French bulldogs are infamous for the way they lay with their legs splayed out behind them, making them look like a frog. Some fur babies like to run in circles for their food, earning the name Twister.
  1. Irony
    Some of the best names are the most ironic ones. A Great Dane named Tiny, a papillon named Chainsaw, or a bully breed named Cupcake. Picking a name that goes against all the attributes of your canine companion can bring laughter and silliness.

Whether it be a human name of some Russian princess or an inanimate object like Toaster, naming your dog is ultimately your choice. Whatever makes you happiest to have associated with them and give them nicknames based off of it, you have picked the right name for them.

The opinions expressed here are the personal opinions of the writer. Content published here does not necessarily represent the views and opinions of Petplan.?? This blog was written by John Woods, the founder of??All Things Dogs.

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