Are There Age Limits for Pet Insurance in Australia?

January 30th, 2017

Age restrictions pet Insurance for senior pets

Giving a puppy or kitten a new home is one of the most exciting and rewarding commitments you can make. It is your priority to raise them the best way possible and to make sure they are strong and healthy.

Like everything, accidents can happen which can lead to serious injuries. Most owners would agree that puppies and kittens have an inquisitive nature which can get them into trouble, while the vet bills to get them back to full health can easily escalate.

It is important as a responsible pet owner to do what is best for our pet by getting them insured as early as possible. Covers are able to start when the puppy or kitten is at 8 weeks old (usually the time a breeder will allow you to take your new family member home). If you choose a Petplan partner breeder, you are able to get 4 weeks free cover that you can continue after the 4 weeks to make sure your pet is covered for life.

At Petplan we???ve made it very easy to find the right dog or cat insurance policy. We offer two types of cover packed with extensive benefits. The first is our time limited 12 month policy, and the second is our lifetime cover option that provides you peace of mind for ongoing cover right into the old age of your pet.

If, for some reason, you haven???t insured your pet early, depending on the age it may be too late. The cut off age limit for most Pet Insurance companies is normally 8 years of age (5 for selected breeds), with a limited amount of insurers offering policies for dogs over that age limit ??? although these will cover the bare minimum.

With these age limits in place, the best option is to get your cat or dog insured from birth with a lifetime cover. If there is no breaks in this cover, your pet will be covered well in to their yaers.

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