Alternatives to Nail Clipping

June 28th, 2018

Nail Clipping

Some dog owners know all too well the struggle of trying to cut their pet???s nails. It can be arduous process as many pets don???t like their paw area being handled. Pets begin to stress out and can become agitated and in some cases aggressive. It can also be dangerous as the quick within the paw can be cut causing great pain for your dog.

Here are some of our tips to combat nail length:

Play on concrete
Running around on the rough concrete will help file down your pet???s nails. As dogs mainly use their hind legs to push and jump themselves, they naturally grip the concrete and file back. While this does help out, many owners have issues with their dog???s front paws. They do receive some abrasion from the concrete and will satisfy many owners, but for some it is not the most effective option.

Many pet owners have opted to purchase a file or sander just to slightly trim and round off their pet???s nails. This is a good option as there is reduced risk of cutting the quick, and the sharpness is taken away. However, the pets paw is still being handled which they will likely not appreciate.

DiggerDog Nail File
An Australian innovation, the DiggerDog Nail file works on a dogs natural instinct to dig and seek out food. Specifically working the front paws, a food treat is hidden under an abrasive surface. The dog controls how much to file, they will stop before the quick and it is a stress-free process. Plus, they get their treat at the end.

If you are uncomfortable clipping, trimming, sanding or filing your pet???s nails, please consult your local vet, they will be able to do it for you and help you with any concerns you may have.

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