Dog friendly parks

October 19th, 2017


We all struggle to find a place where we can take our pup for a walk that lets them socialise as well as have fun. It not only takes away the boredom of the same walk every day, exercising and socialisation are both crucial for a dog???s health and well-being. This is why it is imperative to find a local dog friendly park near you to let them run around and make some new friends.

Northern Territory

There are a number of dog friendly parks in the Northern Territory, especially in Darwin. Most community parks, reserves, and beaches are dog friendly with normal rules applying ??? mainly that your pet is well behaved around other humans and pets.


Queensland has an abundance of dog friendly areas, with Tuckeroo Park in Brisbane being doggy heaven for all dogs and humans alike. With a giant swimming spot and obstacle course, it is the perfect place to take your canine friend.

New South Wales

Centennial parklands in the heart of Sydney has 43% of the park reserved for your furry friend. It has everything you need to look after your pup and ensure the park is enjoyable for everyone!


With numerous parks around the city of Melbourne, there is an abundance of options for you to take your pet. Caulfield Park is one of the more popular ones in Melbourne with expansive lawn area to run around on as well as an on leash running track.

South Australia

All throughout South Australia are parks that encourage off-leash dog walking, with the most popular being in Adelaide Hills. Wright road dog park is two acres fo doggy heaven that allows free-roaming, dog agility equipment, a water play area, and a separate area for smaller puppies and dogs.

Western Australia

There are numerous dog friendly parks that can be found all across Western Australia, however only one major one within the Perth CBD. Wellington Square is located in East Perth and has everything you need to allow your dog to socialise and play with many other canines.

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