Fido Facts: Welsh Corgi (Pembroke)

June 24th, 2015

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Active & Loyal ??? Good things come from small packages

The Welsh Corgi (Pembroke) is classified as a Pastoral Dog. An intelligent, bold and affectionate breed that needs both moderate exercise and moderate grooming. It is known for its short legs, small in stature but long body and fairly long neck. This strong personality and unique breed would be a great addition to any family, as it is great with children.


Pembrokes are a very ancient breed that have slowly grown in popularity and prominence over the years to extend away from the breed’s native country, Wales. Their popularity is said to be due to the fact that the British Royal Family have been known to own Pembrokes throughout the years. The breed is also known to be cattle drivers as they were used as drovers, but became ideal house dogs due to their size.


Pembrokes of both sexes can range in size from 25-30cm in height, but males weigh 10-12kg; slightly more than the females who range from 9-11kg. Pembrokes also have a moderate length and dense coat, which commonly comes in the colours of red, fawn, black and tan, complementing their usually white undercoat and white markings on their neck, legs, chest and muzzle. One to two times a year they will do what is called ???blowing their coat??? and shed their entire undercoat.

Health & Wellbeing

Pembrokes are generally very healthy dogs, but can be prone to conditions such as progressive retinal atrophy, glaucoma, cataracts and back disorders, while hip dysplasia can also plague them. Epilepsy and blood clots are also common in the breed. It is important to request both general medical checks and eye checks on not only the puppy but on their parents as well, before purchasing or for breeding purposes, in order to try and avoid these conditions later in life. Being an active breed, Pembrokes should be exercised for roughly 15-20 minutes a day. It is also important to put them through obedience training to help strengthen the bond between you, and teach them the importance of different commands, before letting them off the leash.

Grooming & Hair Care

Pembrokes are a very clean dog so it is unnecessary to constantly bathe them, but on the odd occasion that you do, use a dog shampoo of your choosing. A Pembroke should be brushed several times a week with a metal comb with medium spacing, in order to maintain their moderate length coat and daily during the times when it is time for them to blow their coat. Other general tips for grooming your dog is to make sure you trim their nails a couple of times a month, and brush their teeth every few days. When it comes to food, Pembrokes need a balanced diet full of nutrition in order to keep their skin in immaculate condition and maximise the shininess of their coat. It should also be noted that it is not necessary to switch foods, as it is more beneficial to keep he/she on the same food, as long as he/she enjoys it.

Temperament & Personality

Pembrokes are very protective and diligent, ergo making them very good guard dogs. They do tend to bark a lot in order to announce a potential danger, but can be hushed quickly if they undergo obedience training and understand basic commands. They can also be known to nip at people’s heels, but should be trained at an early age not to do so. It is also important to expose them to other people, in order to improve their social skills.

Fun Facts


  • There are two different types of Corgis; The Pembroke as discussed in this blog and the Cardigan.
  • Pembrokes are the smallest of the pastoral bred dogs.
  • Pembrokes are one of the most athletic breeds and have been known to be exceptionally fast.
  • Queen Elizabeth II has owned more than 30 Corgis since she was young.

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