Holiday Hazards For Pets

December 19th, 2012

Kitten Christmas Tree

Christmas is that wonderful time of the year filled with celebration. It is natural for owners to want to share the excitement and joy with their pets. Whilst this can be a wonderful experience for both the pet and the owner, it can also lead to unwelcome health issues or injuries for some pets. Therefore, pet owners need to be aware and careful while enjoying the company of their pets during the holiday season.

Here are some common holiday hazards, which pet owners should be aware of.

Hot weather hazards

Being in the southern hemisphere,??Australia and New Zealand??welcome the festive season during the summer months. The weather poses several risks that can be avoided by being careful. Never leave your pets in closed cars in extreme weather because the temperature inside the car can increase rapidly beyond safe limit. Animals can suffer from heat stress which can be life-threatening

Outdoor hazards

Holidays and good weather mean lots of time to spend outdoors with your pet. While this is good for physical and emotional health of you and your pet, it is advisable to take precautions to prevent mishaps. Holiday season sees an increase in the number of cases of injuries due to dog fights as more time is spent in parks by more dogs. Be careful when taking your dog for a walk ??? let them off the lead only in safe areas.

Over indulgence

This is the festive time of the year when most humans tend to over-indulge with the sweets and the food themselves. Being a part of the family, this behaviour spills over to pets as well. Pet owners may feel that it is just a way to express their affection for their pet. But be aware and cautious about the fallouts of over-feeding or over-pampering, which include both health and behavioural issues.

Pretty things and ribbons

Christmas means homes full of lights, decorations, gifts, ribbons and pretty things. All of this excites a curious kitten or puppy, and can prove very dangerous. We???ve had a number of claims at Petplan where a pet had required to be taken to the emergency room after swallowing a decoration item! It is best to carefully remove all dangerous items from the reach of your pets.


Of course, the other way Christmas can be spelt is Chocolate! While the only harm it does to humans is some extra calories, for cats and dogs, it is highly toxic. Never give your pet human chocolates. If you, like most normal people, feel that Christmas is incomplete without sweets and chocolates and want to include your canine or feline family members in the celebration, then look for the cat and dog chocolates.

It???s not all doom and gloom! Christmas and the festive season can be shared safely with your pets if a few common hazards are identified and avoided. Taking care to limit a pet???s access to potential dangers will help ensure a fun filled festive season for the entire family.

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