I Think My pet just ate his/her ball!

August 27th, 2012

If you think your dog has eaten or swallowed something that it really should not have like its ball or one of your kids toys should you worry?

My Pet Just Ate ToyFirst you need to keep a careful watch on him and provided your dog is eating, drinking and going to the toilet normally; there is probably nothing to worry about. If it was a toy, the pieces may have been chewed up into very small bits before they were swallowed, or not even swallowed at all.

If he did swallow something, you may have already missed the toy???s resurgence, unless you have been examining your dog’s faeces closely in a search of evidence of the missing toy?

However, you need to be alert for symptoms, and if he does not display any symptoms your dog doesn’t need to see the vet.

Some breeds of dogs, especially Labradors are notorious for their enthusiasm to consume just about anything that is not nailed down, and that ranges from socks, underwear, rocks, keys, toys, mobile phones.?? A good rule of thumb is, if it can fit in the mouth, there’s a dog out there that will swallow it.

While many swallowed things will pass through without causing any problems, others can be deadly.

If after ingesting a foreign body, your pet vomits, loses interest in eating or drinking, is straining to defecate, or otherwise just seems “off”, you’ll most likely need your vet’s help.?? Don???t waste time making the appointment; it can be lethal if left untreated.

The best cure for this is preventive, especially with young dogs. Keep anything that can be swallowed picked up and placed out of reach of your dog.

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