New Year’s Pet-a-lutions

January 5th, 2014

pet-a-lution Facebook HeaderIt’s that time of the year again – the time when people set goals to improve their quality of life, and make plans to do things they’ve always wanted to do and go places they’ve always wanted to go, to get healthy, to get happy and to have the best year ever. It’s resolution time!

Our team at Petplan wants to be sure 2014 is your best year yet – and the best year for your pet, too. Incorporate your pet into the goals you are setting for yourself, it will be more rewarding and your pet will keep you motivated. Alternatively, set your own resolution of being the best pet owner you can be and choose pet-a-lution goals that are specific to your pets needs.

Take the Petplan Pet-a-lution Challenge

Petplan ??wants to help you kick start 2014 so we’re challenging all of our pets and pet owners to take a 30 day Pet-a-lution Challenge for the chance to win a Kick Start Kit filled with pet well being products.??It takes 30 days to form a habit so the team at Petplan want to challenge you and your pet to stick to your pet-a-lution for 30 days and, hopefully, for the entire year. Click here to join the Pet-a-lution Challenge and make this the best year ever for you and your pet!

Pet-a-lution Inspiration

Whether you’re adapting your resolution into a pet-a-lution or you’re setting a goal just for your pet these suggestions will get the ideas flowing!

Resolution Graph

This Blog was written by the furry family at??Petplan Australasia. Petplan Pet Insurance specialises in animal and animal industry insurance. Our practices keep the role that pet insurance plays in responsible pet ownership and the health of the pet at the forefront. For tips to keep your pet healthy, make sure you follow us on??Facebook.

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