Take your dog to work

June 16th, 2017


June 23rd is National Take Your Dog to Work Day with many businesses around Australia opening their doors to their employee???s four legged friends. Not only does having a pet in the office boost your mood, it has also been linked to lower signs of stress and an increase in morale and productivity.

It can be a great way to socialise your pet, however there are some safety precautions that your need to take before letting your dog freely walk about the office. Here at Petplan, we have put together a short list on how to puppy proof your office???

Home away from home

Having a small area for your dog to go to and sleep or rest will make them feel much more comfortable and less territorial about the whole office. Pick a spot close to you and set up a bed or pillow for them and direct them to that spot. If you allow them to choose their own spot, they will become territorial and may cause disruptions if there are other pets in the building.


When deciding on taking your pet to work, you need to actively assess if your furry friend is well behaved or if they will cause disruptions throughout the day. If they are not toilet trained, overly protective and territorial, or will bark and whine too much during the day ??? it may be best to leave them at home.

To keep their bad behaviour to a minimal, they should be stimulated throughout the day. Bring their favourite toy for your pup to play with as well as a bone to keep them entertained for the day.



Basic training is extremely important when bringing your dog in to the office – no one wants a poorly behaved dog running around unsupervised. Even with little training, as long as they are toilet trained you can still bring your dog to work but they will require extra supervision or may have to be caged or fenced off from other areas.

It???s best to keep your dog confined to a certain area with a baby gate to be sure that they don???t get up to mischief or disturb other staff members. If they do want to take a look around be sure to stay with them throughout their wandering.

Break time

It is highly recommended to walk your dog before coming to work as this will drain a bit of energy and therefore lower their excitement level when meeting other dogs and employees at the office. Throughout the day you will have to take a couple of short breaks in order for them to go to the toilet, stretch their legs and get some fresh air. These breaks should be around the same time as your own breaks and should include feeding time for your pet, preferably done out of the office or in a designated area.

The most important thing to remember is to check with your company and co-workers before bringing in your pet. They are your responsibility and no one else???s and should be taken for exercise at some point during the day.

If you take your dog to work, let us know in the comments below???

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