Understanding routine care cover

July 10th, 2017


In the pet insurance industry, there is a wide debate about whether or not including routine care cover in policies is worth it ??? or is it just an added expense that many pet owners do not need?

Routine Care is the procedures and check-ups that are the basics to keeping your furry friend safe and healthy. This includes all the necessities that are usually done to your pet at an early age which are desexing, microchipping, and vaccinations. As these are standard costs associated with pet ownership, it is expected that the owner takes these in to account in the initial costs of buying a pet.

Petplan believe that every pet deserves access to the very best veterinary treatment in the case of any unforeseen or unexpected injuries or illnesses that you otherwise would not be able to budget for. Routine care for your pet which includes desexing, vaccinating and worming can and should be budgeted for.

Many pet insurance companies will include routine care cover; however, you can end up paying higher premiums every month for something that can be a one-off operation or procedure. For example, some insurance companies can charge up to $10 extra every month which over the lifetime of your pet can add up quickly, especially when it is covering procedures such as microchipping and desexing which will only occur once and are far less than the expected total that you can end up paying.

When it comes to routine care, the initial one off benefits do not outweigh the total amount of money that you will pay in extra premiums over the years. The procedures that it covers are one time operations that can be as little as $25.

Petplan suggest reading the entire product disclosure statement of any pet insurance policy to make sure the cover that your applying for suits your needs.

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