Why Does My Dog Drool?

March 7th, 2017

Dog Drooling Causes

As a dog owner, you???re sure to have left the house on at least one occasion wearing an unwelcome accessory ??? doggy slobber. And while it???s completely natural, it can be puzzling; why do our pooches, and especially certain breeds, produce so much of it?

Drool is simply saliva that???s collected in your dog???s mouth. In healthy dogs, it increases at mealtimes to aid digestion. It can also happen if your dog is excited or anticipating a treat.

While a bit of drooling is normal in all dogs, it???s more apparent in breeds such as Bulldogs, Mastiffs and Basset Hounds, whose droopy lips aren???t quite as good at keeping their spit contained.

Normal, ???healthy??? drool should be odourless; if it???s a bit smelly and there???s more of it than usual, your dog could have a gum disease or tooth decay. If it doesn???t smell but your dog is pawing at his face, he could have something caught in his mouth. Excessive drooling can also be a sign that your dog is feeling sick.

Panting as well as drooling might indicate that your dog is too hot or that he???s anxious. And if it happens in the car, he could be suffering from motion sickness.

If you spot any of these warning signs, check them out with your vet as soon as possible. Otherwise, don???t worry ??? dribble and slobber are a part of every dog owner???s life!

Soure File: Petplan UK Pet People Magazine, written by Abi Butcher

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