Why does my pet have exclusions?

August 31st, 2017


Pet insurance provides peace of mind that your pet will have access to the very best veterinary attention should an unexpected injury or illness happen ??? that you otherwise would not be able to budget for. In saying this, such things that are predictable or optional may be excluded from your pet insurance policy.


Routine, preventative or elective treatments are excluded from policies as they fall under items that should be budgeted for when purchasing a pet. These treatments which include vaccinations, de-sexing and microchipping should be done by all responsible pet owners and therefore taken into account before buying your puppy or kitten.

Pre-existing conditions

One of the main exclusions that you will find on your pet insurance policy is pre-existing conditions. These will be told to you before signing up for your policy (unless it is an illness that occurs during the 21 day waiting period). Once your pet has undergone treatment for a particular injury or illness, this may be counted as a pre-existing condition upon signing up for your new pet insurance policy.

In saying this, Petplan has ???Covered For Life????? insurance for the life of your pet, provided the cover is renewed each year without a break. This means that the number of times that you can claim for the same illness is unlimited; enabling you to give your animal the very best in veterinary care regardless of how much it costs.

Even though it may seem as though there are a lot of exclusions, we hope that our pets can get the best treatment available in the case of an injury or illness. This is why pet insurance is so important as it gives you peace of mind knowing that your pet will be covered in the case of the unexpected happening as vet bills can quickly reach well in to the thousands.

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