Why was my claim denied?

August 23rd, 2017


We understand that to new policy holders, it may take a while to get your head around absolutely everything that we do and don???t cover. This is why our experienced customer service team take the time to talk you through your new cover and are there to answer any and all of your questions.

What can???t I claim for?

If you are notified that your claim has recently been denied, it may be due to one of the following reasons:

  • Waiting periods ??? when you sign up for a new policy your pet may be subjected to waiting periods before they can claim. Petplan has no waiting periods for injuries, and a 21 day waiting period for illness. This means that if your pet becomes ill within 21 days of your policy starting, you cannot claim for this illness.
  • Pre-existing conditions ??? before you complete your new policy, you will be notified of certain injuries or illnesses that your pet may have had previously that will not be covered under your policy and therefore cannot be claimed for.
  • Dental care ??? whether you have a cat or dog insurance policy, you must take reasonable precautions to maintain your pet???s health throughout the policy year and to prevent any illness, injury or loss. Therefore you must arrange and pay for your pet to have an annual dental examination and general check-up (including vaccinations) and follow any veterinary advice given by a vet in order to prevent oral disease. By continuing with these regular check-ups, this shows us that you have played your part in caring for your pet, so we can play ours. If you fail to have a dental check and follow any veterinary advice given at the time it may affect a claim for a dental related condition.
  • Vaccinations ??? if you choose not to vaccinate your pet that is your choice, but if the pet was to then get an illness for which a vaccine is available, you would not be able to claim for the costs of the treatment as you have not taken all necessary precautions.
  • Length of time to submit your claim ??? Petplan allow a claim to be submitted within 12 months of your vets invoice date, any later than that and the claim will be denied.
  • Routine, preventative, and elective care ??? Petplan provides peace of mind that your pet will have access to the very best veterinary attention should an unexpected injury or illness happen ??? that you otherwise would not be able to budget for. Routine, preventative or elective care of your pet, such as vaccination, worming and de-sexing can be budgeted for. Therefore, your claim will be denied if any of these preventative, routine or elective treatments are claimed for.

Petplan understand that pets are an important part of the family, which is why we provide a number of policies to suit everyone???s needs and budgets. We are dedicated to keeping the nations pets healthy, and their owners happy.

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