Working Breeds

March 5th, 2014


What is a Working Breed?

The working breed group covers a diverse range of dogs that have been bred by humans to aid in a multitude of activities. Traditionally, working breeds have helped humans with everything from cattle work, guard duties, protection of livestock, rescue work, and carrying or hauling of loads. Working breeds also make great companion animals if the owner understands and nurture’s their dog’s working nature.

Unlike other groups of breeds, the working breed’s??purposes and origins vary from dog to dog. For more information about individual breeds visit our Facebook page. For a list of all the Australian Kennel Council Working Breeds view our Working Breed List.

Why is a Working Breed a Great Companion?

Over the years humans have bred specific personality and physical traits that enhance the the working breed’s ability and desire to work and help humans.They are loyal, intelligent and have an innate desire to please.??Often working breeds are high energy and get bored easily; therefore,??people who are considering bringing a working breed into their family should do their research and understand what the dog will need from them.

Photo credit: ‘Working Dogs’ by Andrew Chapman & Melanie Faith Dove. For more information and more photos visit the Five Mile Press website.

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