Your Pet’s Mental Health

January 15th, 2014

Everyone wants their dog or cat to be happy but sometimes it isn’t as simple as treats and belly rubs. Your pet’s mental health is just as important as his physical health when it comes to quality of life and longevity so be sure to make the effort to nurture his mind. If you are concerned about your dog or cat’s mental health then contact your veterinarian.

Stress and Your Pet

Your dog or cat is a member of your family, bet remember that he is also a descendant of wild animals. In the wild his ‘relatives’ pursue active, challenging lives, driven by their natural instincts and, comparatively, our domesticated pets live very boring lives. This can cause your pet stress so it is important to keep them mentally stimulated. Is your pet stressed? Check our our infographic and if you are concerned about your pet’s stress or another issue contact your vet for a professional opinion.

Signs of stress in your pet

Pet Personalities

Do dogs and cats have personalities? While some experts continue to debate whether or not quantifiable pet personalities are real, a majority of us (especially those who own pets) are convinced it’s true. Why does it matter? Since our pets are not able to tell us when they’re sick we often have to guess that something is wrong based on their behaviour. Take note of your pet’s personality so you can assess if there is a change in their behaviour as it may be a cause for concern. If you want to learn more about pet personalities visit??The Animal Personality Institute website. If you are interested in animal emotions our Pets & ??Emotions Blog has more.

Boredom Blues

What can you do when your pet’s suffering from the boredom blues???Click here.

Separation Anxiety

This disorder is more common in dogs than cats as dogs are “pack” animals and, as such, more social by nature. For symptoms and suggestions:??Click here.

This Blog was written by the furry family at Petplan Australasia. Petplan Pet Insurance specialises in animal and animal industry insurance. Our practices keep the role that pet insurance plays in responsible pet ownership and the health of the pet at the forefront. For tips to keep your pet healthy, make sure you follow us on Facebook.

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