Your Pet’s Oral Health

January 14th, 2014

As is the case with humans, oral health is directly linked to your pet’s overall well-being so it is important to keep your pet’s mouth in tip top shape. It is easiest to introduce an oral care routine to your pet at a young age but even if your pet isn’t in the habit of practicing good oral hygiene you can do your best to win him over at an older age.

Open Wide! Inspect Your Pet’s Mouth

  • Do a sniff test – While you can’t expect your dog’s or cat’s breath to be minty fresh all the time if your pet’s breath is especially offensive follow up with your vet as there may be underlying wellness issues.
  • Good gums – Your pet’s gums should be pink (not white or red) and should have no sign of swelling or brown tartar build up. Watch out for inflammation and irregular growth on the gums and contact your vet if you discover a problem in your pet’s mouth.
  • Warning signs: Excessive drooling, bleeding mouth, strange growth on the gums or under the tongue, lose teeth, smelly breath, tartar build-up, disinterest in food.

Brush! Brush! Brush!

Regular teeth cleaning is the best way to keep your pet’s mouth healthy! Speak to your vet about the best dental care kit for your dog or cat and DO NOT use human toothpaste.

Giving your pet a dental chew is also a great way to keep his or her mouth healthy!

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Oral Wellness Problems

If you think your dog or cat may have an oral wellness issue you should contact your veterinarian to schedule a check up. According to PetMD the most common Dental Problems pets face are:

  1. Plaque & Tartar
  2. Periodontal Disease
  3. Toothache
  4. Systematic Illness (kidney or heart disease caused by poor oral hygiene)
  5. Bad Breath
  6. Retained Baby Teeth
  7. Stomatitis (most common in cats)

This Blog was written by the furry family at Petplan Australasia. Petplan Pet Insurance specialises in animal and animal industry insurance. Our practices keep the role that pet insurance plays in responsible pet ownership and the health of the pet at the forefront. For tips to keep your pet healthy, make sure you follow us on Facebook.

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