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January 20th, 2020

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Horse trail riding is becoming increasingly popular as the opportunities to explore some of the world???s most amazing destinations and sceneries are easily accessible on horseback. In saying this, our own backyard is one of the most diverse landscapes with beaches, bushland, high country, snowy mountains, rain forests and deserts on offer for you to see. There is somewhere to explore for everyone.

These great horseback adventures are essentially two experiences in one. You get to explore areas that are undeniably breathtaking while bonding with your horse who allows you to explore more of the area without being exhausted at the end of it. Developing a relationship and trust between you and your horse is imperative to your overall bond and will allow you to build confidence and satisfaction.

If you do not own a horse, there are numerous companies offering tours that can sort you out with everything you need and either accompany you on your trip or let you explore on your own. Just being outdoors has many health benefits for both your mind and body, whilst you get to take in what Australia has to offer.

Below are some of Australia???s best horse trail riding experiences in each state:

Queensland: offers a wide variety of trail rides with bushland, rainforests, beaches and mountain terrain.

New South Wales:

  • Blue Mountains ??? exploring the high country while riding beneath pine forests, untouched bushland and fresh crystal clear creeks.
  • Jindabyne ??? home to old stock routes, bush trails and brumby trails.

Northern Territory:

  • Tennant Creek & Barkley Region ??? learn about the local culture and the tales of a stockman???s life in the Australian Outback
  • Mt Bundy ??? located along Adelaide river is defined as where the tropics meet the outback


  • North East Victorian Mountains ??? offer majestic views with areas such as Bogong and Snowy River National Park
  • Mornington Peninsula ??? explore multiple areas of the Mornington Peninsula that range from vineyards and olive groves to astonishing ocean views.

Western Australia:

  • Margaret River ??? this region is known for their wine which can be incorporated in to the trail riding experience as you ride through the vineyards exploring the best of WA
  • Moore River ??? running through a wonderful bushland scenery you will be able to wade through the water and along riverside trails

South Australia:

  • Kuitpo Forest ??? there are multiple loop trails through the forest with each being 20km long
  • Mount Crawford Forest ??? in the Northern Adelaide Hills
  • Coast to vines rail trail ??? coastal cliffs, historic townships and vineyards


  • Tasmanian Trail ??? stretches from north to south and can be a challenging but rewarding journey
  • Cradle Country ??? a unique experience that gives you a challenge while being surrounded by Cradle Mountain, Mt. Roland and Barn Bluff.
  • Kind Island ??? explore the picturesque beaches of King Island

With all that Australia has to offer, it???s time that you take your horse for an adventure that is close to home with the many surrounding trail rides that are easily accessible. However, if you wish to travel interstate to explore the different sceneries, there are many tour companies available that are happy to assist you making your experience one to never forget.

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