Importance of Equine Insurance

July 14th, 2017


A true horse owner will know how much a part of the family their equine friend really is. We spend so much time with them through feeding, riding, play and endless hours keeping them comfortable and safe. This is why we find it so hard when something bad happens to them, either through illness or injury.

Not only is a horse an expensive inclusion to the family, they also bring an exorbitant amount of assets with them ??? including gear; trailers; and other necessities to keep them happy and healthy. Many owners also own horses that have a career of their own, whether it is eventing, dressage or other equestrian events. This means that they are athletes who will often require expensive medical treatment for their injuries.

Peace of Mind

When it comes to our horses, peace of mind is something that we all strive for – this is why equine insurance is an essential part of horse ownership. There are a number of options that one can take when insuring their horse, allowing you to choose your own cover for your horse that suits your needs and your financial situation.

Vet fee cover

A trip to the vets for your horse can be an expensive exercise and without equine insurance, this can leave you with a vet bill of up to several thousand dollars. Many common horse illnesses and injuries such as colic or lameness can lead to costly treatments and can leave you with the awful decision of whether or not to have your horse destroyed if they are uninsured.

With vet fee cover you are able to get the best treatment for your horse and only worrying about looking after them once the treatment has been completed.

Other forms of cover include:

Permanent loss of use ??? to cover you if your horse were to suffer an injury or illness so severe that it will never be able to participate in the activity it is insured for again

Disposal after death ??? the cost to remove and dispose of your horse???s body if it dies humanely or is humanely destroyed

Saddlery & Tack ??? replaces or repairs saddlery and tack that has been stolen, damaged, or destroyed

Horse float cover ??? insurance for your horse float or horse drawn vehicle

Equine Insurance is a major part of owning your horse as they can be an expensive companion. It not only allows you to keep away from the dreadful decision of deciding between your horse???s health and money, it allows you to have peace of mind knowing that they will be covered when the unexpected happens.

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