Retired racehorses – the perfect horse

August 11th, 2017


While many horses have an illustrious career as a race-horse, there are a few that change their career path after retirement. ??There are thousands of horses retiring each year from racing, while some are put out to pasture, others are rehomed or find a second career in the equestrian industry.


It is said that the average racehorse has the agility, speed, courage, bravery, and willingness to learn, which are all strong attributes required in the equestrian industry. Within this industry are a list of disciplines that include dressage, show jumping, eventing, polo, polo cross, pony clubs, and adult riding clubs who are all keen to have retired thoroughbreds involved.

The perfect horse

Horse owners are starting to stray away from buying expensive European Warmbloods and leaning more towards the local retired Thoroughbreds as they can be more adaptable to a certain discipline. Especially for Eventing, thoroughbreds are becoming increasingly more popular due to their athletic build and pace which makes them a desirable breed for top eventers.

For those that are not involved in Equestrian sports, many retired racehorses are still ideal candidates for everyday use for beginner riders as well as the disabled due to their mild temperament.

Within Australia, the number of retired racehorses being rehomed is increasing dramatically ??? saving many of the horse???s lives. There are registrars and websites that you can visit to see a full history of these retired greats, as well as their behavioural characteristics that allow you to determine whether it will be a great fit for your needs.

No matter what purpose you intend to use your horse for, retired racehorses will usually fit any discipline or need as they have a wide variety of attributes that allows them to be the perfect fit.

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