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January 24th, 2014

Australian Mist


Its general shape is like that of a well-balanced domestic cat. The coat is short but dense and soft with a pattern made up of darker spots on a lighter, ‘misted’ ground. The background colour is always a creamy, mushroom shade and very subtle. The colours of the spots can be shades of brown, blue, or orange.


Australian Mists are outstandingly affectionate and gentle. They are excellent with children. They remain very kittenish all their lives and love to play games, but are trainable from 9-10 weeks without difficulty.


The Australian Mist (formerly known as Spotted Mist) is the only breed of cat which has originated entirely in Australia.

Fun Facts

The colours of the cat, which have already been named are brown, blue, chocolate, and lilac, gold and peach.??Today there are around 100 breeding cats and 1500 pets in Australia.

Advice to Owners

Australian Mists are so affectionate that they are prone to becoming very spoilt and this can create problems if you are planning to board them from time to time.

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