Fireworks & Pets Don’t Mix

January 24th, 2014


Many people associate Australia Day, among other holidays and summer festivals, with fireworks. Fireworks are beautiful, exciting and… LOUD! If you have a dog, cat or horse then you probably have already noticed that they do not like fireworks. Be considerate of your pet, and other people’s pets, and do not light off fireworks in areas where there are dogs, cats or horses nearby.

What can you do to protect your pet?

Set up a quiet area for your pet where he is least likely to hear the fireworks. Rooms with thick walls and no windows are the best. Do not shut your dog or cat in a room without you as that will just stress him out more. Reassure your pet in a soft tone and try to distract him with an activity or game.

If you have a dog or horse and have to leave him outside in an area where it is likely that there will be fireworks then double check and triple check your fences and gates. Fireworks really spook dogs and horses and many go missing around the holidays due to the combination of fireworks and poorly maintained fencing.

If you decide to have fireworks

If??you do decide to have fireworks keep them away from your pets. Fireworks contain harmful chemicals like potassium nitrate that cause vomiting, diarrhoea, and seizures.

This Blog was written by the furry family at Petplan Australasia. Petplan Pet Insurance specialises in animal and animal industry insurance. Our practices keep the role that pet insurance plays in responsible pet ownership and the health of the pet at the forefront. For tips to keep your pet healthy, make sure you follow us on Facebook.

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