Travel Tips For Taking Your Pet on Holidays

December 15th, 2016

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What is a holiday when you can???t take every member of the family, and that includes your pets. Many people feel as though their dog or cat is a major part of their family and couldn???t bare leaving them at home or in a kennel for an extended period of time. The chances are that they feel as though they???re a huge part of the family as well, not wanting to be left behind on a holiday.

In recent years, many destinations are willing to accommodate people with pets by altering their??pet insurance policies. Not only is this for caravan parks or camping grounds, some top end hotels are more than welcoming to your furry friend. Here is some important information to take on board before you plan your next holiday with your pet.


These days, most transport scenarios cater for pets. Whether it???s train, plane or automobile, the right restraints are needed in order to keep your pet safe and comfortable during their travels.

Driving ??? a safety harness or barricade across the backseat are a necessity to keep your pet out of harm as well as you. If they are in the tray of a Ute, make sure they have a cage of ample size as well as protection from the sun during the hotter months.

Flying ??? it is extremely important to check with the airlines before booking your pet a flight as some have very strict rules about carriers and breeds. Excess baggage fees could also apply so make sure this is all worked out beforehand. You can hire particular crates and carriers for flights from places such as Jet Pets which are specifically designed for air travel.

Toilet breaks:

If you???re heading off on a road trip, essential items to pack are a water bowl, treats, food, and a leash for your pet. Handy tip: keep plenty of bottled water in case you can???t access tap water or it isn???t suitable.

It is important to take in to account a number of toilet breaks throughout your trip and therefore allow extra travel time. The best spot for a toilet break is a park or playground so you can play with your pet and make them spend some of the energy they have been saving up in the car.


A quick google search will have numerous possible destinations right in front of you. These accommodations can range from farm stays, B&B???s, caravan parks and even some motels/hotels. Check the in-house rules before you book as some places may be breed or size specific when it comes to animals as well as bedding or things you will need to bring for your pet.


Getting sick on holidays is an unfortunate incident that sometimes cannot be avoided. Before you head off, check up on where the closest vet hospitals are in the destination you are staying ??? especially if you are camping or going somewhere remote.

If your pet requires medication, be sure to bring enough supplies for longer than you need as an emergency may arise that may require more medication.

Dog sitters:

Just because your pet is on holidays with you doesn???t mean they have to be around you 24/7 and stop you from doing activities that do not allow pets. A dog sitter is the best option for when you want some alone time from your pet. The accommodation will sometimes offer their own sitters for your pet, however if they don???t, they will often know someone nearby who is reliable. Although, it is wise to do research beforehand so you aren???t left disappointed if you can???t find someone to take care of your furry friend.


Pets will always be a huge part of the family and will be sorely missed whenever away from them. Through a little planning and contact with your desired destination beforehand, your favourite furry friend can come on holidays with you. This rewarding experience with your pet can be done with ease through a few precautions and planning, allowing you to spend a worry free vacation away with your four legged companion.

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