How Expensive is Horse Insurance?

December 15th, 2016

equine insurance

Horses are an extremely expensive investment, and therefore should be protected. Not only is it the general expenses that comes with buying a horse, their vet bills are quite substantially larger than most other domestic animals. Accidental injuries and illnesses can come at any time and it is imperative that you are able to give your horse the best care around.

Horse insurance can be a life-saver for your horse as well as financially protecting you so you don???t have to make the decision of how much your horse is worth when it comes to medical treatment. The basic equine insurance policies are mortality, theft & straying, horse liability plan, and veteran plans with optional benefits such as vet fees, third party liability, saddlery & tack, permanent loss of use, disposal, and horse float.

As a horse lover, you want to be able to give your animal the best veterinary cover you can afford. With so many risks to way up when purchasing a horse, equine insurance can cover you for things such as third party liability if your horse damages property or another person, death due to accident or severe disease, or on the occasion they are lost or get stolen. These risks are a regular occurrence for horse owners, and having insurance gives you the peace of mind so you don???t have to worry financially.

If you???re thinking about equine insurance, it???s a good idea get it as soon as possible. This is the easiest way to make sure your horse is covered adequately and to make sure you???re covered financially.

By talking to a veterinarian and getting their opinion as well as a health check for your horse, you will be able to assess what general covers you need as well as potential problem areas of your horse. Previous injuries or existing problems with your horse may be excluded from your cover, meaning you won???t be able to claim on them in the future

When it comes to equine insurance, the price may not be as expensive as you would have thought. However, there is a number of factors that can potentially influence the cost of your horse insurance premiums.

Equine insurance can potentially save you thousands of dollars in the long run as an accident or illness can happen at any time. If you have your horse covered, it can save you the tough decision of deciding whether to have lifesaving surgery for your horse or for it to be put down.

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