Moonbeam, the Springer Spaniel with seven tumours

October 3rd, 2013

Moon after his last operation to remove 5 lumpsPetplan is committed to helping all dogs, cats, horses and pet owners during difficult times. In the past three years Moonbeam, a beautiful English Springer Spaniel, had a run of bad luck with thyroid, gastric, ear, and allergy problems, as well as not one but seven tumours.

???One was the size of a grape fruit! As for the others – one was under his arm, one was under his front leg, three were on his chest, and one was on his little boy bit,??? his owner Helen Lakes said.

Thankfully, Helen had Moonbeam insured with Petplan and did not have to worry about the expensive veterinary costs involved in removing all the tumours.

???Petplan has been excellent all the way through. In the last year I saved probably about $15,000 and in total probably about $25-28,000. Moonbeam wouldn???t be with me today if I hadn???t got it,??? Helen said.

Moonbeam is now on the mend, and even has the energy to get up to mischief with a new addition to the family.

???He has been such a brave little boy with all he has been through lately. He has a little sister now, Molly, and he teachers her all the bad tricks,??? Helen said.

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