Spring: how we love and hate it.

September 30th, 2013

Dog in GardenItchy eyes, sniffily noses and constant sneezing are all tell-tale signs the much loved, and hated, season of Spring has arrived. While we humans automatically reach for the antihistamines to regain some control of our lives, did you know that our furry friends may be suffering too?

The change in season can cause an allergic reaction in dogs and cats as the increase in seeds and pollen enters into their respiratory system too. However, instead of developing sinus problems they are more likely to develop skin irritations. So do not be surprised to see your pet???s skin suddenly become either dry and flaky, or red and sore. If these visual signs show up in your pet, make sure you visit the vet as soon as possible because, just like itchy eyes can make us irritated and grumpy, skin problems can affect your pets mood too.

Furthermore, getting treatment early can also reduce the damage to your pet???s skin as they can move on from just licking to scratching, and if the skin tears an infection could manifest.

Once your pet is treated, you can both love Spring again!

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