Three things you need to do before getting a dog

September 19th, 2013

Deciding to bring a new dog into your life is exciting, you have decided on the breed, a possible name, purchased the comfiest bed and got all the toys. But before you rush out and bring your new furry family member home, make sure you also remember to do these three things:

Puppy proof your home

Puppy Chewing Your new puppy will only be a few months old when you bring it home so it is natural that it will be curious about its new surroundings. While it is cute to see your puppy try and take on huge stairs and adorable when it tries to reach some food you left on the table, you need to puppy proof your homes so it is not at risk of choking on foreign objects. To do this, make sure the floors are free of small items, your electrical cords are hidden or placed so they are difficult to access, and encourage all members of the household to pick up anything they drop. Also make sure your bathroom, kitchen and garden products are kept in cupboards that are securely locked or high off the ground. Puppies are extremely clever at opening things and chewing their way through bottles, this creates not only a mess for you to clean up but also could be toxic to ingest too.

Take time off work

If you are employed it is wise for you to take leave from work to introduce your puppy to its new home. It takes time to toilet train your puppy, set boundaries of acceptable behaviour, to get to know your puppy???s personality and of course to develop a loving bond with your new furry friend.

Get dog insurance

While you are getting to know your puppy you may soon realised its love to chew. It is teething and feels the need to sink its teeth into something hard to ease the pain.?? Unfortunately, more often than not it is something dangerous rather than its chew toys. If the chew item of choice is not a toy, there is a chance that it can become wedged in your puppy???s throat or cause it to have stomach problems, meaning there is a high change you will need to visit the veterinarian. Veterinary fees can be extremely expensive if your puppy becomes ill or injured, this is why it is vital that you get dog insurance for your puppy as soon as possible. Dog insurance will help cover your pet???s veterinary fees from eight weeks of age so you do not have to be worried about your finances during stressful times. If you get cover from Petplan Dog Insurance, you will also benefit from its *Covered for Life policy. This means that if your puppy develops a chronic, re-occuring or lifelong illness Petplan Dog Insurance will be there for you for the long haul. Petplan Dog Insurance will take care of the expensive treatment, as well as the medication for the rest of your dog???s life. Petplan is Australia???s leading Dog Insurance company, offering cover for dogs from eight weeks of age. Petplan Dog Insurance is essential for all pet owners who are serious about giving their puppy the best start in life. Petplan Dog Insurance provides genuine *Covered for Life policies, and Third Party Liability cover. To get Petplan Dog Insurance, visit here??or dial 1300 738 225. *(Covered for Life provided the policy is renewed without a gap in cover). **(Less the fixed excess and non-claimable items)

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