What can Petplan offer breeders?

July 26th, 2017


Petplan have been working with breeders for many years now, helping to strengthen the bond between business and customers. Our breeder network is over 2,000 strong and is growing daily. Petplan offer support materials to our partnered breeders along with the opportunity to send their customers home with 6 weeks free insurance. Below are just some of the great support options that we offer breeders???

Free policies

We believe that the welfare of the animal should be at the heart of what we do, which is why Petplan preferred breeders can send their puppies or kittens home with a free policy that insures they are covered if the unexpected occurs. Petplan???s ???Covered For Life????? policy provides the ultimate in lifetime peace of mind if continued after the 6 weeks free.

The benefits of being able to offer Petplan 6 week???s free insurance are:

  • Peace of mind that your line is venturing off into the world covered for the unexpected
  • A value add and peace of mind bonus to offer your clients
  • Partake in Breeder Bonus Points program, for policies activated and those continued. Points can be redeemed for Coles/Myer vouchers.


Support Material

Petplan offers a number of support materials which helps promote pet insurance to clients as well as supporting you and your business goals. These support materials include:

  • Point of sale displays
  • Insurance leaflets and free dispenser units help to create an appealing display for your waiting room
  • Provides information on Petplan???s Covered For Life insurance plans
  • Allows clients to activate 6 weeks free pet insurance
  • Large and small dispenser units available
  • 6 weeks free poster
  • Promotes 6 weeks free pet insurance to customers
  • Prompts customers to ask for pet insurance information
  • Immediate Veterinary Cover:
  • 6 weeks free Petplan insurance for your customers
  • Provides immediate cover for illness and injury
  • Quick and simple for you to complete online or using the paper form
  • Remember to issue IVC to every eligible pet
  • Social Media
  • Use Facebook and Twitter to advertise Petplan Pet Insurance
  • Facebook promotional content: images, campaign ideas, links, etc. can be found on Petplan???s Facebook Page: facebook.com/PetplanAU
  • Website Support
  • Add pet insurance information or a Petplan badge to your website
  • Increase the number of insured customers with minimal effort
  • Earn IVC rewards for your business
  • Covered For Life posters
  • Illustrates the need for Petplan???s Covered For Life policies by showing real examples of claims paid for some common conditions
  • Helps clients understand the costs involved in treating ongoing conditions
  • Prompts clients to ask for pet insurance information

If you want any support material for your business, email vetline@petplan.com.au and we would be more than happy to assist you.

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